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How Do You Know if Your Dental Practice’s Marketing is Working?

Dental marketing ROI metricsIn our previous “Secrets of How Top 10% Dental Practices Build Their Marketing Budget” article, the goal you want to strive for when building your marketing budget is an average of $100 per dental patient. With that budget, if you get 30 patients a month, that comes to $3,000 a month and $36,000 a year… but, how do you know your dental practice’s marketing is working?


Secrets of How Top 10% Dental Practices Build Their Marketing Budget

The key to a successful dental practice is getting good patients… but that doesn’t just organically happen. You have a role to play, and that often includes a solid marketing strategy.When you’re building your dental practice’s marketing budget, you know your primary goal is to get new patients. Based on TNT Dental’s experience working with the top dental practices in the nation, your practice should ideally average around $100 per patient in marketing dollars. For instance, building your marketing campaign around referrals should cost about $10 a patient, whereas using direct mail runs about $300 per patient. In the end, averaging about $100 spent to get each new patient in the chair.


The Hygiene Multiplier Effect:
How to Grow Your Dental Practice

By now, you know about the four phases of practice growth, but one method to growing your practice may be something you’ve not considered…but is right under your nose (literally).

A solid hygiene program accounts for about 30% of revenue in most practices!

It’s a part of your daily routine, so let’s look at how this can be a revenue generator for your practice.


Crunching the Numbers:
Eight Things to Measure to Grow Your Dental Practice

8 things to measure to grow your dental practice marketingThe foundation to growing your practice is a solid growth plan, but what is the backbone of the growth plan? There’s a lot more to it than just chance. If you’re ready to start looking at what makes a successful growth plan, then grab your calculator, because it’s time to start crunching the numbers.


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