Logo Design

The Face of Your Brand

In a sea of competitors who use only their names as the trademark for their practices, you can immediately set yourself apart. A clear, concise logo is the first point of recognition around which all other branding activities are built. It should create a lasting impression in less than 3 seconds, and your logo should draw patients into wanting to learn more.

At TNT, we have a tremendous advantage when it comes to logo design for dentists. As a starting point, we know the market. We have worked with the logos of more than 4,000 dental practices, and we know how to convey what makes you different. . . better. Our team can develop the perfect mix of images, fonts and colors to capture the interest of potential patients.

We start by brainstorming with you and your team, and we finish by delivering a set of files that can be used everywhere. From letterhead to scrubs. . . from billboards to websites, your new logo from TNT will draw patients to your practice and add an instant point of connection between all of your marketing activities.

Recent Work

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