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Are You Guilty of Website Abuse?

Dental website with a skull on the homepageGo ahead, take a look at your marketing plan. How much are you spending in marketing for your dental practice each year? Is your money working for you? Is your dental website ineffective? Are you guilty of website abuse?

Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend the bulk of your marketing budget on creating and maintaining a website. You can get results in the form of new patients in the door for an affordable rate; you just need to know where to look. Sit back and let us tell you how you can get more bang for your buck and bring in more patients to your practice

Don’t Break the Bank

Man with hammer chasing piggy bankIf you think you need to spend big bucks to get the best performing website for your practice, think again! If you are spending between $40K and $50K on marketing or in attempts to garner new patients, you’re wasting that money! It’s all for naught if you are throwing down that kind of dough but don’t have a good website to back up your business.

Just think of this – about 25 percent of dental practices don’t have a website that works. That’s right, one out of every four dental practices may talk a good game in person, but when a patient goes to their website, it’s either out-of-date, doesn’t translate to mobile devices, or just blah. Whatever it is, it’s not working for them.

Per our studies, a large percentage of dental practices – about 70 percent – spend all this money on a website built off a template and not customized to tell their story. It doesn’t do you any good to drive people to a website that doesn’t tell people your story. Your website is a way clients can get to know you before they come in the door. It’s your selling point, and you have got to deliver. Otherwise, that money is going down the drain and you aren’t converting website visitors into patients.

The good news is that you can get a good, quality, state-of-the-art, custom website, and you won’t have to break the bank! You can get a solid website that works for you for anywhere from $200 to $250 a month. If you’re spending more, you’re wasting your money!

Go Mobile

So, you’ve made the step to customize your website. You’re telling your story, telling your visitors about your team, but what’s missing? If you haven’t customized your site for mobile devices, then all that tailoring is for nothing.

Sixty to 70 percent of your website visitors are coming to your site via a mobile phone.

If you look at your website on a mobile device and can’t see your story, guess what? Your visitors and potential patients can’t either! All that money you’ve invested in building a quality website is down the drain if you haven’t built your website, site map, and navigation for mobile devices.

Consider the Bottom Line

Your dental website needs to work for youYou’ve got your marketing budget and as a dentist, you want to get people in the door. You want to retain the current patients and capture the new ones.

Consider this – at TNT, we can get you a five percent better conversion rate from your website. Say an average practice gets about 200 visitors a month to their website. Not too shabby, right? What if I told you that with a customized website that you can view from a mobile device, you could get at least 10 new patients a month? That comes to 120 new patients a year, all for a nominal amount — about $225 a month! When you think about how much you were spending for a website, outside marketing, etc., did you take into consideration your ROI? If you’re spending $50K on your annual marketing budget, you can get up to 120 new patients a year for five percent of your annual marketing budget. Now, that’s a steal!

As we get in the swing of the first quarter and begin looking at our budgets ahead, take a look and see where you’re spending your marketing dollars. Are you overspending for a lousy ROI? Do you need help in creating that customized website that will tell your story both on mobile and desktop devices? Give us a call here at TNT Dental; we’re here to transform your site and up your conversion rate!

About The Author

Tim Kelley is one of the founders of TNT Dental, the #1 creator of custom websites and marketing strategies for dentists. Recognized as a leading expert in helping dental practices grow, Tim is passionate about harnessing the power of online marketing to attract and keep new patients. If there is anything Tim can do to help you, please do not hesitate to contact him directly at the office, (877) 868-4932, on his cell, (972) 989-9137, or via email at Of course, you can always visit to learn more.

I want to talk with Tim!

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