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Why Dental Marketing is More About Results than Contracts

Dental website contractYou’ve got a lot on your plate – you run a successful dental practice, taking care of not only your patients, but your team members each day. Between pulling Ms. Jones’ tooth and making sure all the bills are paid, you don’t have a lot of downtime to focus on other services, such as marketing your business. You decide to take the step and find a dental marketing firm that can take that load off your plate. What they are selling sounds good, and just as you’re about to commit to them, they pull out this caveat – you need to sign a long-term contract for their services. This begs the question, you want good marketing help, but at what price?

Beware of Empty Promises

Dental marketing representative promising empty promisesYou might be thinking, now, why would you need to sign a contract if they are so good? You would think these dental marketing businesses would stand by their word and deliver accordingly, and not need to lock you into some long-term contract in order to keep clients.

These marketing firms might promise you the moon, but how do you know they will deliver on what they’re saying? It’s really easy to get charmed with all the services you think these companies can provide, but they might just be a bunch of empty promises. The last thing you want is to get locked into a contract with a company just based on their word.

Treat Your Practice as You Do Your Patients

A scale evenly weighing a dental practice and its patientsWhen you get a new patient into your practice, how often do you spell out what you’re going to do and then present your patient a contract for him to sign? You don’t; that would be the beginning of the end to your business. So, if you wouldn’t do it to your patients, why would you do it to yourself?

This is the equivalent of the business Golden Rule. You wouldn’t expect your patients to sign a contract to receive your services, so you shouldn’t sign one to receive marketing services from a dental marketing firm.

If Something Sounds Too Good to be True, it Probably is

A fish going toward worms on a hook with a sign that reads "free lip piercing"Like a used car salesman, when someone promises you everything you could possibly want, just remember and ask yourself, “What’s the catch?” Don’t let yourself get caught up in their over-promises and then discover their delivery is lacking. Of course, if you sign a contract, you don’t realize that until you’re committed to their services and thousands of dollars in the hole, with no way out for months, if not years.

Don’t forget, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

There’s No Contracts at TNT Dental

TNT Dental logoAt TNT Dental, we stand by our services. We don’t have to lock you into a contract in order to keep you coming back. We want you to hold us accountable each month; if you don’t like us at the end of the month, you can move to another dental marketing firm. Of course, we want to keep your business and will work with you every step of the way to make sure that happens. But, we don’t want you to stay out of obligation; we want you to stay because you are happy with our services.

If you are ending your contract with your previous firm and looking for a change, or if you are looking for some help with marketing your practice, be sure and give us a call.

About The Author

Tim Healy is one of the founders of TNT Dental, the #1 creator of custom websites and marketing strategies for dentists. Recognized as a leading expert in helping dental practices attract new patients, Tim has a true passion for teaching dentists the important “business stuff” they do not teach you in dental school. If there is anything Tim can do to help you, please do not hesitate to contact him directly at the office, (877) 317-4885, on his cell, (214) 680-1270, or via email at Of course, you can always visit to learn more.

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