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True. These are unprecedented times. Nobody knows what the future holds. At the same time, we did not become the #1 dental marketing company in the North America by sitting around. Our 79 person-team of the best and brightest minds in dentistry – not to mention our exclusive network of partners – is ready, willing and able to help you and your practice.

This is the commitment underlying our Emerge Smarter & Stronger with TNT Campaign. It is a powerful collection of ideas and programs to help you bridge the gap from today’s uncertainty to tomorrow’s prosperity. We are offering 9 specific ways to improve your practice today – while you have some extra time.

Whether or not you are a current client, we encourage you to take advantage of these programs. This is not the time to sit on the sidelines. It is time to get in the game. It is time to prepare to win!

Ryan Johnson, DDS

Build Your Post COVID-19 Emergence Plan

Through our exclusive partnership with Dental Practice Masters, you are able to learn from some of the best. This program directly addresses the critical questions to consider as you develop your action plan to move from shutdown back to normal operations. Start by understanding furloughs, layoffs and the Payroll Protection Plan. Then, shift your focus to the future. Establish hiring, training, communication, scheduling and safety protocols to ensure you are 100% ready.

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Dr. Paul Homoly

Upgrade Your Case Presentation Skills

Dr. Paul Homoly may be the Michael Jordan of case presentations. We get it. It will be tough to reach his level – just ask LeBron. At the same time, everyone can benefit from his systems that just plain work. Starting with his 1-hour webinar, you and your team can incorporate his proven ideas and recommendations – while you have time to watch, learn and role play. Exceptional patient engagement and high case acceptance have never been more important.

Next Step: Attend Dr. Homoly’s Latest Webinar What's Involved: Videos, Role Playing & Coaching
Who Should Participate: Dentists & Treatment Coordinators learn more

Unlock the Potential of Your Current Patients

Your current patients will be the gateway to a quick recovery. Dental Intelligence is a software platform that unlocks this potential by pulling actionable insights from your Dentrix, Eagle Soft or Open Dental databases. Our team is ready to guide you through a thorough – and eye-opening – look at your current patients. We will help you build a plan that includes who to schedule first and why – along with the critical steps to re-open with a full schedule.

Next Step: Watch the Dental Intel Video What's Involved: Videos, Role Playing & Coaching
Who Should Participate: Dentists, Office Managers, Team Coordinators learn more
Cassie Hale, Marketing

offer World-Class New Patient Phone Calls

The average practice can generate 3x’s more new patients simply by improving how they handle new patient phone calls. And, these improvements provide a multiplier effect on your investment in marketing. Cassie Hale helps unlock these opportunities by showing you and your team a step-by-step protocol for results. Her program is practical and includes 1-hour of personalized coaching focused on actually implementing these ideas at your practice – before you reopen.

Next Step: Watch Cassie’s Webinar What's Involved: Webinar, Call Listening & Coaching
Who Should Participate: Dentists, Office Managers, Front Desk Team learn more
Tim Healy, tnt founder

Revamp Your 2020 Marketing

Even the best marketing plans did not account for the coronavirus. The landscape has changed. Patient attitudes have changed. The tools you have available to engage current patients and to attract new ones are different. One of the Founders of TNT, Tim Healy, will work directly with you to develop a comprehensive marketing plan that enables you to make up for lost time and finish 2020 with a ton of positive momentum.

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Create a Custom new patient Welcome Email

Most new patient confirmations are text-based and unimpressive. However, it is relatively easy to create one that packs a powerful punch. It is a great way to repurpose existing video content (or motivate you to create new ones) and make a positive, first impression. Our team will guide you from design to launch, and this tool will immediately differentiate your practice. In addition, it will reduce cancellations and no-shows, while increasing case acceptance and referrals.

Next Step: Talk with Your Growth Leader What's Involved: Videos, Email Software & System Development
Who Should Participate: Office Managers & Marketing Coordinators learn more

Explore the Potential of Teledentistry

There is no hotter topic in dentistry today. At the same time, few people are taking the time to fully consider the wide-ranging impact of teledentistry. This starts with understanding the legalities of teledentistry in your state, and it expands to include testing of the various systems and development of a business model that adds revenue. We partner with a number of experts to help you explore all options.

Next Step: Watch the DPM YouTube Video What's Involved: Software Evaluation, Testing & Research
Who Should Participate: Dentists & Office Managers learn more

Engage More Patients in On-Line

Studies show that dental practices can generate up to 30% more new patients from their website by offering on-line texting and chat. As with anything, there are pros and cons. This said, there has never been a better time to explore these options as most providers are offering free, 90-day trials. Our team will help find the best software for your practice and work with you to explore whether or not it is worth the investment.

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Chris McCullough

Launch or Expand an In-House Membership Plan

Reduce your reliance on dental insurance while building direct, profitable relationships with new and existing patients. In fact, members of DSP’s actual visit more often and accept more treatment than insurance or fee-for-service patients. If you have a plan, we will help you expand it. If you are looking to add a plan, we will eliminate the guesswork and make it easy, predictable and scalable. Control your own future – especially in this time of rapid change.

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