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Dental practices today can no longer rely on a sign outside the office to draw in new clients. The days of practices automatically attracting all people within walking distance are long gone. It is now necessary to actively market a dental practice just like any other type of business. Marketing includes addressing local competition. This is even true if the practice is doing well since churn and attrition will lower the client base significantly every few years. Dental practices have several effective marketing options available.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO marketing complements PPC marketing strategies. The most important benefit of SEO marketing is visibility. Improving the search engine rankings of a dental practice will increase traffic to the website. An added advantage is that good SEO will help to minimize the online presence of competitors in the area. SEO efforts can help to establish the dental practice as an expert in the industry and position the doctors as a valuable resource. This will increase traffic and the number of patients scheduling appointments. Community Outreach and Events Dental practices rely on the relationship with the surrounding community and families to stay in business. A way to market the practice is to take part in community outreach or community events. This could involve holding a free or low-cost clinic to inspect teeth. It could involve passing out information and promotional oral hygiene products at an event. It could also involve sponsorship of local events and organizations that help the community. The presence of the dental practice in the community will build trust and awareness.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can effectively support other marketing efforts. Dental practices can use social media platforms to engage with potential customers, existing clients and the broader community. Postings can provide reminders, valuable dental information and promotions. The practice can respond to questions and provide shareable information that will increase awareness and expertise. Social media marketing is a good choice because it can be used to specifically target local leads in a very direct way.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC marketing is a very important tool that provides dental practices with strong results. PPC marketing specifically targets people who are searching for dental services at the exact moment when decisions are being made. The advertisements provide relevant and clear information in an easily understood format. Implementing a successful PPC marketing strategy that includes testing, negative keywords and other techniques is usually best left to a professional management service.

Referral Marketing

Referral marketing continues to be very effective for dental practices today. Practices should consider actively implementing a referral marketing program that rewards or encourages patients to spread positive word of mouth and bring in new clients. Successful referral marketing programs can provide benefits for years.

Direct Mail

Direct mail provides some of the best return on investment for dental practices. This marketing strategy involves mailing flyers, brochures or even promotional items directly to a list of potential and existing customers. It can include mailings to previous customers who have not scheduled an appointment recently. The physical mailing can be kept in the home until it is needed. Mailings that are hung on a refrigerator or kept on a table will keep the information about the practice handy until it is time to schedule an appointment.

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