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A logo is often the first point of contact a dental office has with potential patients, offering a visual that will help create their first impression of your office. Having a well-designed and engaging logo puts your dental practice at an advantage, helping to create a positive impression while building brand awareness and recognition. Leaving such an important tool in the hands of an inexperienced designer is obviously not the best decision, yet dental practices too often opt for that route.

Your dental office’s logo is its image and should effectively represent it to the world. There are several good arguments for having your logo designed by a professional rather than a college student or software program found on the Internet.

Professional logo creators know the importance of color. Humans attribute a range of emotions and connotations to various colors. Professionals know how to utilize that tendency to your advantage, using color to convey your business in a way that is attractive to your potential patient base.

A professionally designed logo can help create feelings of trust. While not always obvious to the practice, a poor logo design can drive potential patients away from your practice, giving them the impression that your office itself is not professional. A solid logo design can initiate feelings of trust in patients searching for a service, and if your logo design is professional and polished you have increased your chances of drawing them in.

Image is everything, at least in logo design. You want your brand and image to evoke a positive reaction from viewers who may only be glancing at it briefly before moving on or making a decision. Professional logo designers know how to use the power of image to create symbols that will convey your practice to that audience in positive, effective, and perhaps most importantly in a memorable way.

A well-designed logo will go a long way toward building recognition of your brand while weathering the test of time. Rather than taking a chance with a poor design or no logo at all, let a professional designer help you build both your brand and patient base.

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